Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Farewell to a Dear Friend (Post Update)

Just an update to those who are checking in. 3 of the 6 class RP articles are complete and the rest shall be finished before the end of this weekend. Thank you for your patience and keep your eyes peeled for the big announcement! Over 40 pages total!

I am sorry folks for those of you who have been so patient with waiting or helping out with this blog post to make this big series come to happen. Over the holiday season, things were crazy both at work and at home and I just didn't have the free time I have had previously.

Now all the posts are done and I was just waiting on a few colored pieces of work from one of the artists that volunteered their effort to help out with the classes. Not long ago, however, he was hospitalized and was very sick.

Just this morning, we received word that Bryan Gibson, also known to the WildStar Roleplaying community as our very dear and energetic Sushi has passed away from viral pneumonia. Please say a prayer for his family and all his friends for he was certainly a wonderful part in our lives and will be sorely missed.

I am going to wait a little bit before I post, but I do still have the inked version of most of the art pieces he has offered up to this project and I want to make sure they get posted so everyone can see. They were offered up out of nowhere just because he was that damn awesome and I am so very proud he took the time to offer his skills for me because of his faith in the Scowling Cassian.

May he rest in peace.

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