Monday, February 25, 2013

It's all in the Details: Environmental Ambiance

"Though I am certain it is hard for your small minds to grasp, you must understand the concept of details. When you are an agent of the Imperial Corps of Intelligence, which you clearly lack the capabilities of, but should we pretend you could ever be such, it would all fall down to the details. The smallest, seemingly innocuous detail could make all the difference between identifying your target as a loyal servant of the glorious Empire or a vicious traitor to be culled from our ranks."

As Agent Hawkens so eloquently states, details matter. And not just in such life and death situations, but even in tiny, seemingly unimportant situations. I am a large fan of such details. To me they richen the world around us in imaginary settings, furthering  my feeling of immersiveness in my online surroundings.

I'd like to point this out within Wildstar's setting with this video of Gamespots Now Playing featuring Wildstar on February 13th. The video showcases the Stalker class with an emphasis on one of the earlier zones known as Deradune. It's a great video if you haven't seen it yet, click here,

The part that I really want to show you though is at 27:24. Watch the corpse of the deer like creature on the ground here. Not long after the body hits the ground you can see a flock of carrion birds (Vulcarrion) land on it and begin to eat it. A few more seconds and the body is changed to the graphics of a pile of bones.