Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Release Date announcement and NDA lift!

Just today, Carbine studios announced the news we've all been waiting for! WildStar will finally see its glorious launch this year on JUNE 3rd 2014. With pre-orders opening on March 19, players can earn some sick loot, including the Rocket House, a three day head-start and many other exciting bonuses.

On top of this, future Nexus adventurers can choose from both a regular and digital deluxe editions, which feature the following perks!

And, of course, the NDA has now been lifted which means the Scowling Cassian is finally free to share all the amazing things I've seen in beta thus far. (Heads up, it really is as fun as you've been hoping!) Vast, colorful zones, fun quests, nifty outfits, badass skills and amazing mounts are all in store as well as a whole treasure trove of exciting lore.

At the moment, I am patching back up the client so I can collect some beautiful, non-watermarked screens to show you guys some of the highlights of my adventures with Agent Hawkens, so keep your eyes peeled over these next few days for the last of our beta window prior to the March 16th alterations for some awesomeness.

You know, it's hard to believe that the Scowling Cassian is just over a year old and to look back at all the excitement we've been through and all the friends we've made. Thank you so much to all of you, dear readers, for your continued support. From all the emails, to the comments, from watching the views slowly grow and even the amazing generosity that repaired my poor computer, I have been utterly blown away by this fantastic community. And now I am even more excited to soon share some cyberspace with you guys too!

Until then, I'll leave you with these *to be updated soon*:

Hawkens with his beloved steed on his housing plot, complete with the Rocket Ship House and something burning in the background. I am using the aurora setting for the lighting on my plot here, which is by far my favorite.
"Leap of Faith" When Carbine added in a new mount selection, I fell instantly in love with the Velocirex. And so, of course, Hawkens and his pal ran instantly to Deradune to capture this photogenic wonder.

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