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Scions of the Vigilant Church

The Vigilant Church has a solid presence on the Arkship Destiny
When they first launched the arkship starting zones in beta there was one thing that REALLY stood out for me in my experience on the Arkship Destiny (Dominion). After a short tram ride, you are put through some very basic questing in order to both introduce you to some basic concepts like combat and your paths as well as some lore, which really roots you into the setting.

On the Arkship, you enter into a small chapel for the Vigilant Church, with six shrines each depicting one of the six Scions of the Luminai Houses and the aspect of the Vigilant Church that they represent. To me, this was very important and instantly evolved the way I viewed the Cassians and the Dominion as a whole. The aspects you find here are not evil, greedy or cruel. They are aspects that any noble and intelligent being can respect and get behind.

When you enter this area, you are asked to review and reflect upon the virtues and then select which you feel best suits your personal conviction. What do you believe in? It is an interesting question. Are you answering for your character, or do you answer for yourself? Does your character believe in something other than what you do?

From here, I knew that Agent Hawkens best represented the virtue of Justice, embodied by the Scion Bronos, fair judge to his fellow Luminai. This had a profound effect on his personality and story and it really got me thinking. 

"Justice is dealt in the name of the Emperor. All who oppose the glory of the Dominion must repent and join or perish underfoot. However, there is still justice to dispense even among those considered infallible. For was not Bronos the judge of his own brothers and sisters? Perhaps Justice is merely the means to pursue and enforce the Truth of what should be. And what should not."

Each Scion had their own beautiful stained glass window looking down upon their alter, complete with an object of their faith and brilliantly colored candles. I recorded each one, their virtue and the weapon their image was wielding which I will post below.

Azrion: Scion of Strength
Name: Azrion: Scion of Strength
Virtue: Strength. The force necessary to impose your will.
Icon of Virtue: Sword of Strength
Candle Flame Color: Blue Candle Flames
Weapon wielded in image: Two-Handed Sword

Korol: Scion of Devotion
Name: Korol: Scion of Devotion
Virtue: Devotion. The fusion of your being with a singular purpose.
Icon of Virtue: Flowers of Devotion
Candle Flame Color: White (Yellow?) Candle Flames
Weapon wielded in image: Staff

Tristan: Scion of Courage
Name: Tristan: Scion of Courage
Virtue: Courage.The clarity of mind to see past your fear.
Icon of Virtue: Chalice of Courage
Candle Flame Color: Green Candle Flames
Weapon wielded in image: Two-Handed Mace

Galen: Scion of Knowledge
Name: Galen: Scion of Knowledge
Virtue: Knowledge. Exploring the depths of reality and collecting its marvels.
Icon of Virtue: Tome of Knowledge
Candle Flame Color: Red (Orange?) Candle Flames
Weapon wielded in image: Spellcasting (?)

Bronos: Scion of Justice
Name: Bronos: Scion of Justice
Virtue: Justice. Judging fairly and distributing consequence.
Icon of Virtue: Judgement of Justice (skull)
Candle Flame Color: Violet Candle Flames
Weapon wielded in image: Sword

Evindra: Scion of Purity
Name: Evindra: Scion of Purity
Virtue: Purity. Noble intentions guiding a flawlessly honest spirit
Icon of Virtue: Orb of Purity
Candle Flame Color: Pink Candle Flames
Weapon wielded in image: No weapon displayed

Now that you've seen these, what would your Cassian choose if asked and even more importantly, WHY would they choose this? Or, what would your character choose if they were a member of the Dominion? Would you choose any differently?

It's some great food for thought in character development! And, since blogger is sometimes difficult, feel free to stop on by WSRP to my thread there with this same question to drop your answer. And be sure to check out all the other fantastic characters and articles there!

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