Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hard Drive Havoc

Soooo...yeah, just this morning I got a windows message telling me my hard drive had a myriad of corrupt files on it and I would need to back it up immediately or risk loosing data. Unfortunately without funds to replace it and nothing to back it up around the house, there was nothing I could do. Then, when I returned home from spending time with some friends I found the hard drive was completely fried. :(

The sad thing is I just simply won't have the funds to repair this for awhile. And not only do I need to replace my terrabyte hard drive, I also need to get a new disc for my operative system since I gave my last install to a friend in need awhile back. For now, my partner is letting me use his computer so I can at least try to keep up my blog and other online commitments.

If there is anyway you guys might be able to help, I would greatly appreciate and have my paypal account set up for any gracious donations that might be possible to (Edit, vaildation pending still. Please use )

However at this time, what I could use most of all is some moral support and definitely some hugs. I had a LOT of special stuff on that drive and am very sad to see it potentially gone forever...

Thanks for your time and support guys. <3


Edit: I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for their support and encouragement. You guys have really been wonderful and I have never felt so appreciated. I know this wasn't the end of the universe itself, but it was really hard for me. Every hug and pat on the back has meant so much. Thank you for being the most wonderful community ever!!! <3

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