Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Power to Move You


A thanks for this wonderful "feel better" art that I got all over my wall this past week.

Thank you Kit for this wonderful piece of Agent Hawkens!

And thank you Pyra for this cute set of chibis of Agent Hawkens and Shade

And thank you to both Hob and SteelKnight from WSRP for your funny pics on my wall too! These made me lol!

This WildStar Wednesday highlighted a bunch of serious changes coming to beta and announced that beta will be shut down soon for a little bit while they are implimented.

A vine by Troy here hinted at something called “WildStar Adventures” Perhaps we might hear more on this soon?

The next two Vines in the “Meet the Devs” series are out!

Part Nine: Associate Producer Roger Turrietta

Part Ten: Econ System Designer: Phillip Chan

And check out this excellent blog by ZAM's Gazimoff about connecting through our similarities and celebrating our differences! (It fit very well with this blog topic today)


I do not have the power to make you think a certain way, or believe what I do. Instead, I have the power to move you.

I have the power to reach out to you in a time of need. I have the power to “like” your post or favorite your tweet. I have the power to tell you your character is amusing or that your story left me waiting to see what happens next. I have the power to confide in you when times are down for me, to let you know that your words have meaning to me. I have the power to see that you can have bad days too and you just need some space or a hug. I have the power to know that I am only human and to fight dwelling in frustration and fear. I have the power to share this strength with others and remind them how important they are.

Maybe they seem like small things, but they can make a big change. Maybe it is because they are small, that they are so important.

I have the power to support your ideas and feelings, even if I don't feel the same. I have the power to be kind even if I feel like growling. I have the powerful to be thoughtful of others. I have the power to be a positive influence on others because like begets like and kindness spreads.

I remember the day I had a revelation while playing World of Warcraft. The day I realized just how amazing the people behind the characters I was playing with truly were. We were so very /different/! We had teenagers graduating from high school, college students, doctors and technicians. We had a first responder and a grocery clerk. We had programmers and teachers, camp counselors and those who served in the military. I was actually very surprised when I found out one of my favorite people to hang out in the guild was an eighty year old retired woman. People from all over the world, from all walks of life were all gathered together for something very simple: the love of the game.

World of Warcraft was our icebreaker. It gave us something in common to open that chance for a dialogue. Some of us were shy, some of us were loud and boisterous, but for some reason, it just was not that hard to talk to each other as it can be with strangers. I learned a lot talking to these people, including how nice it was for us when we helped each other out. We all had rough times in our lives in one way, shape or form and having someone to listen, or send us a hug really meant a lot. Watching these people who may have never even stopped to talk had they met any other way, step up and support each other was very inspiring.

And so I shared with my coworkers and my friends and family, the story of the generosity and kindness of the WildStar community. Because of the people here, it makes going through a day easier. Because of people here, I feel appreciated and valued. Because of the people here, I KNOW my words mean SOMETHING to SOMEONE and that they appreciate them even if they don't always stop to tell me every single time. I told them the story of “The Computer Miracle” and you know what the most common thing I heard was?

“Oh right. That's why I haven't lost faith in humanity.”

Because they were happy for the people around them receiving help and kindness when it was needed. They were happy to hear a story with a happy ending. Because they saw how overwhelmed I was and how happy I was and they smiled.

Because one fantastic thing about smiles?

They are the same in every language.

Thank you to everyone who helped to keep my smile here. Never stop being awesome!


  1. Amazing and heartfelt read Brenner, Thank you so much for speaking to our souls with your smooth and comforting words. We do read you things and talk about you behind your back, but for once these things we say are of the purest kindness. We speak of how reading your articles touches us and helps us relax.

    Thank you for your patience and time spent with this community. It means a lot to some of us who just see the Troll comments all day, and for those of us who work more than we wish to.

    1. I'll just shuffle over here and blush for a bit. Thank you very much for sharing that with me! Stay awesome!