Monday, March 4, 2013

Agent Hawkens

I've posted plenty of my opinions on roleplaying and WildStar recently, so today I think it would be a good opportunity to spend some time with my honored guest here: My Dominion ICI representative, Agent Hawkens.

To start with, I will be reposting my original profile I created for the wonderful to give you all a solid and amusing introduction into Agent Hawken's skills and personality.

“And just /HOW/ did you get your hands on that recording?”

Hawkens...stop breaking the fourth wall, just let our good readers enjoy it, alright?


Following I will be asking Hawkens here about his opinions on the Dominion in a Q & A session. And without further ado, I bring you our good Agent:


    <There are the sounds of chairs being scraped over a floor and voices speaking in low tones before a sharp clearing of the throat silences the noise>

“This is the reporting Captain Tenebrous from Dawn's Approach speaking. We are here today to record the interrogation of a Cassian ICI agent found lurking around the settlement this morning at two turns past dawn's light. Upon an acceptable finish, this bot will be sent along with a request for prisoner transport to Exile officials”

<There is another instance of the presumed scraping of chairs followed by a low grunt followed by another clearing of the throat.>

“Agent. You know why we brought you here, yes?”

“Judging by these manacles I am either a captive or you have strange tastes-”
<The first voice snaps out, cutting off the second.>

“You will answer the questions here on the bot, is that clear?”


“Agent Hawkens”

“Your first name?”


“Very funny, try again. We can wait”

<There is the clanking of metal, presumably the manacles on the captive>

“I am far better at this game, trust me. And I am clearly going nowhere. Let us continue shall we?”


“Cassian of course. Just in case you had troubles identifying the most glorious people in the galaxy.”

“Shut up. Next.”

“Really? Is your bot broken?”

“Just answer the question.”




“Not here it isn't Agent. Answer the question.”

“If I answered that I would have to kill you.”

“Very scary coming from a bound prisoner. Answer the question.”

 <A silence settles in on the recording, broken only by the occasional whir of the machine.>


“Subject is a young adult male most likely in his early prime. Average height, probably somewhere between five foot eight and six feet tall. Blue eyes. Lithe build, lightly tanned skin.
Redhead with a short militant cut and a small goatee. Subject was found wearing a nano-enhanced trench coat supporting advanced stealth generators and holoprojectors. An assortment of weapons were found on his person including grenades, mines, particle cloud bombs, electronic spikes and a pair of alloy clawblades. A detailed summary of all articles have been photographed and logged into the attached files. The subject is also presumed to be enhanced with standard issued nanotechnology serums.”

“Ooh, aren't you clever.”

SPECIALIZATION (class and path)>>

“You said it yourself earlier.”

“Do I really need to tell you to answer the question again?”

“I am agent of the Imperial Corps of Intelligence. I specialize in assassination, infiltration, seduction, and electronic warfare. A stalker behind enemy lines, I have been part of many covert and clandestine operations and excel in close quarters combat, specifically with alloy clawblades.”

<There is another pause>

“Shall I continue?”

“That's enough Agent. Next.”
"Oh? Did I make you uncomfortable? Shall I go on with my achievements? Really I could tell you so much about all the traitors I've ousted or the Exiles leaders I've put do-"



“Subject is aggravatingly sarcastic and largely unhelpful.”

“I have answered all the questions though, yes?”

“However as an agent of the ICI, he is not to be taken lightly and should be kept under watch at all times. Additional observations will be added with further interrogation sessions."

“More sessions with you unrefined lot? Be still my beating heart...”


“You want to know about what? My family? How I entered into the ICI?”

“Just start talking Cassian. The more compliant you are, the sooner we can end this session.”

“In that case I am Agent Hawkens, one of two sons of the Hawkens family, a proud noble family of the Empire of the Dominion excelling in military engineering. We can trace our lineage to the foundation of the Empire itself. Hmm let's see. My brother and I were born with a patriotic dream of joining the ICI to serve in its noble cause within the Empire. We worked hard, did well in school and excelled with high marks in our initial exams, quickly netting us a place as Agents of the Dominion.”

<A silence hangs in the air on the recording for a moment.>

“Shall I continue? Anything else you would like to know about myself? Let's a master of deception I have been trained to do all sorts of things you see. I can pilot a ship, I can cook a meal, butcher a wild beast for food or an equally annoying scum like yourselves...”

<A loud clang of a chair being thrown back interrupts the captive's words followed by the roaring of the Captain.>

“That's ENOUGH Agent. You are only alive right now because command is very interested in you. And they won't be nearly as nice and tolerant as we are here. I'm almost sad I won't get to be there when they get their hands on you.”

“You and I both.”

<There is a scraping sound echoing through the room, as if a chair were being pulled back into place. During this another voice, previous silent speaks up.>

“Captain? Can I have a brief moment?”

“Go on.”

“What I don't get is what this man is up to? What was he doing here in the first place? Why was he unwilling to tell us his age but spilled his entire life's history including his family's name? Agents don't do that.”


“Subject was arrested for trespassing and as an enemy of the Exiles. He was caught at two turns past dawn's light by Scoutmaster Karn. What were you doing here, Agent?”

“Something tells me you won't accept 'classified' again?”

 “Just keep trying my patience, Cassian. I will be happy to force the answer out of you.”

 "There is nothing you could do that hasn't been done to me already.”

 “Care to test this theory?”

 <Another silence punctuated only by a single rattling of the prisoner's manacles>

“Alright. If you must know I was not here for any specific reason. In fact I was completely surprised to run across this small, pathetic outpost you have managed to sneak in here. I was just finishing some preliminary observations and cataloging coordinates to return later before I headed out for my true destination.”

“Which was?”

“Now /that/ you will have to extricate by force.”

“I'm sure a few days locked up alone with no food might change your opinion, Agent.”


“That's enough for today. We'll begin again once you've had time to cool your head.”

 <The sounds of multiple people rising from their chairs fills the recording.>

 “Oh and Agent?”


 “How does it feel to be so inept as to be caught by this 'pathetic' outpost. Alone here in enemy territory? You've got a big bark, but now so big a bite now hmm?”

 “Really, I feel only pity for you.”

 <The Captain's voice adopts an angry tone and harsh sound of the manacles swiftly scraping against each other might indicate him yanking the prisoner to himself.>

“Care to say that to my face again you pompous monster?”

 “I feel pity that you maintain the delusion that you are in control of this situation.”

 “You are bound here, scum. How, pray tell do you have ANY say in your miserable existence?”

 “It is a wonder that you manage to not accidentally kill yourselves off. This session has been amusing really. It has also served quite well as a diversion.”

“A diversion?”

“This entire time you have been wasting, trying to pry my secrets from me, my probe has been hacking through you mainframe, downloading all available information from your database and is now currently broadcasting my location to the nearest Dominion patrol. See this blinking light right here? They're en route now.”

< A loud, solid slap is heard followed by the jangle of manacles as the captive stumbles back from the blow followed by the Captain bellowing orders.>

“You traitorous filth! You there, alert the sentries! SOMEONE SHUT DOWN THAT SIGNAL!”

<The audio crackles as an explosion booms in the distance. The silence that follows is punctuated by distant cries outside the room.>

 “They are here...”

“You may have led them here, but I know one man they won't be taking today. Enjoy your last breaths Agent. I'll enjoy taking them from you.”

“Captain. If you value your life, please go outside and tell your men to surrender. This does not have to end in bloodshed.”

“Silence you miserable serpent. Those are seasoned warriors outside defending this post. Your Empire stands little chance of overrunning us. And you here with no weapons? Idle threats. You cannot postpone your demise.”

“Captain you may have taken my claws but you forget that I am an agent of the ICI. My body is a weapon, you will have to try much harder to take that from me...”

 < There are sounds scuffling and blows followed by the terrible gurgling of someone choking. Then silence before the sound of approaching footsteps.>

“Agent Hawkens? We've secured the base, Sir.”

“Good. Cut through these bindings will you and send in someone to move this body. “

“Anything else, Agent?"
“Destroy that bot. That information must never leave this room.”

“Of course”


<The sound of metal tearing fill the audio recording as a faint voice is heard in the final seconds.>

“Where's the Captain? There is much work still to be done. And someone get me a drink!”


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