Sunday, March 31, 2013


Secretly datamined from months of impossibly hard work, I bring you the secret fourth race of the Dominion: The Stemdragon!
Behold! The might stemdragon!
Oho, they thought they had us fooled, showing us this mighty race as a simple beast to be defeated in the brutal wilds of Galeras. They were so very clever. But here it is folks, the race you would be foolish not to play. Just take a look at all the amazing features this badass comes with!

As quoted by the devs at Carbine
"The stemdragon is a unique predator native to Nexus. This giant plant-animal hybrid utilizes its ability to masquerade as local plant life in order to ambush its prey. Keeping its massive lower body burrowed in the ground, the stemdragon erupts from the earth when prey draws near, snapping up any creature fooled by its disguise. Its heavy, rotund lower body is supported by no less than five pairs of legs, ranging from muscular hind legs to the more vestigial top limbs. It has a long skinny neck, ending in a narrow head equipped with dangerously powerful jaws and a mouth full of jagged teeth. Its rear is covered in a number of large thorny spikes, which the stemdragon can launch as a barrage of prickly missiles.

As a carnivorous plant, stemdragons are partly dependent on sunlight and absorb nutrients from the ground when burrowed. However, they prefer fresh meat and will patiently wait for a succulent morsel to stumble across its path. Although they are often found near the Whimwood forests of Galeras, they can be found in other parts of Nexus as well. Their ability to burrow rapidly into the ground allows them to conceal their large forms, as well as provide a defense mechanism on the rare occasion when they are outmatched."

The mighty stemdragons may have once ravaged the hordes of both Exile and Dominion alike if it were not for the impressive negotiations of the noble Cassians. With dedication, poise (and a few lost emissaries) they convinced the stemdragons to join their side. With the might of the Empire at their back the stemdragons were free to do what they loved most: DEVOUR

Available classes: Stalker, Unknown,*
(* class yet to be revealed)

-Unique feature: The Stalker Stemdragon forgoes their stealth abilities in favor of equipping a set of claws for each set of limbs. That's five pairs of mayhem and destruction!

No one can escape your hunger!

Devour: Not very good at pvp, but always wanted to do well? Never fear, with the mighty stemdragon you can use this ability to completely frag any player who gets in your way. And with the right talents you can shorten your cooldown to once every minute. Wicked!

Lone Wolf: Tired of playing nice with others? Look no further, the stemdragon is so big and so powerful they can SOLO DUNGEONS ON THEIR OWN. That's right, no more rolling on loot against those other miserable miscreants. Just storm on in and steamroll those bosses into dust!

Trail of Dust: Unfortunately the amazing bulk of the stemdragon is just too big for a mount. But who cares when you have this sweet move! Activating this ability allows you to move at 400% speed! Can't fly? Who cares! Reach into the sky with your crazy neck. Nothing is outside your grasp!

Raiding? Why bother when you can BE A RAID BOSS! Set yourself up in a weekly queue to join enemy raids and delight in MAYHEM and CARNAGE. Use a brand new set of EPIC abilities to send them packing!

Just let them come!
PLAYER HOUSING: Forget plots, stemdragons receive entire ZONES. Populate your zone to be the perfect tropical getaway or turn it into the deadliest pit on the Nexus. As you devour enemies throughout the game you will unlock them for your land so you can completely customize your lair to your heart's content!

I sure hope the Devs here have something equally as awesome planned for the Exiles or it's going to be lights out for them! They will drown beneath the mighty thorny tides of the stemdragon!

Designed from the ground up as the most badass monster we have ever seen make it as a playable race, this beast is sure to dominate the Nexus. With style!

Wait what? I beg your pardon! I certainly do not remember anything about--
SHHH, shut up Hawkens! Uhh...hey, everything is fine here folks!

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