Monday, March 25, 2013

It's Over One Thousand!

As of last Saturday, the Scowling Cassian broke 1000 views! Before I could even put out a thank-you (I wanted to leave up the juicy PAX info a bit longer) we had already hit 1600! Thank you so much to all my readers out there, I couldn't have done it without you! <3 And, of course, thank you Agent Hawkens for your continued support.


Though there were no more Dev Speak videos at PAX, there were many more tasty tidbits that came up. Today I'll make a short article here with some bullet points and links for those of you still scoping out this past weekends events. Hawkens and I will return to our normal roleplay blogging later this week.

To start with, here are some notable videos from PAX that you might be interested in:
This Dev Speak video was a promising addition to the already amazing video collection the team has given us

(An amazing video by the dev team, showcasing their phenomenal housing system. More then we could have ever expected! For an in-depth dissection of the video, check out my previous article)

(A video showcasing the Halon ring (including the infamous vending machine monster!), some chat about early game content (including some advanced gamer concepts), and then a TON of neat tidbits about player housing)

We also received many excellent articles from the online gaming community:




For more links, articles, fan videos and pictures, check out this bigger listing on WildStar Central:

There were some other small tasty tidbits we received throughout the weekend as well:

-Confirmed ground and flying mounts (flying mounts to be unlocked at cap)
-The developing team intends to do more Dev Speak videos
-There are sliders in the character creator (body sliders unlikely) and the creator is still under works for more options
-The dev team has not yet made pets, but wants to (Press Demo: 24:05) and they will be allowing animal pens outside of your house
-WildStar will be at PAX Prime
-There will be a cash shop with housing items (although they will prefer for players to still obtain most stuff in-game)
-Beta will be in a "month or so" said Gaffney
-Expect to hear about the new races and or classes "soon"

All in all the majority of posts said that WildStar took PAX East 2013 by storm. They took MMORPG's Most Innovative Game of PAX East 2013. I'd like to put out a thank you on behalf of myself and Agent Hawkens here for their incredible efforts and successes as well as a hearty welcome to all the brand new WildStar enthusiasts joining the community.
Victory for WildStar!

Oh! And check out this sweet new banner for the Scowling Cassian. It was made as a gift by Ender of Thanks Ender!!!

It was so awesome Ender, Hawkens even cracked a smile at it!

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