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Q & A Session with Agent Hawkens: The Dominion

(Please bear in mind this is a personal opinion based on the currently available lore.)
Every Cassian knows, by heart, their noble history with the Eldan.  (Image from Massively)

For the second part of today's posts I would like to indulge in a little Q & A session with my favorite Cassian here and-”

Flattery will get you nowhere.”

One catches more flies with honey then with vinegar, yes? I am certain you could appreciate the sentiment Agent.

Hmph. Perhaps.”

You will answer the questions then?

I am curious what your 'questions' might entail. Bear in mind that anything offending protocol will be redacted or destroyed and might result in your immediate arrest.”

As much as I am certain your tour of ICI domain would be lovely all I wish to ask is your opinion on the Dominion. Many people find the Empire to be cruel and unrelenting in their search for galactic conquest. But I want to hear what those who serve the Dominion think.

Very well. You may proceed.”

Q-Excellent! Let's start with a brief history of your people, the noble Cassians.

A-“Over a thousand years ago my people were a prosperous race gifted richly with equal parts intelligence, skill and ambition. We knew technological advancements unlike any other race in our golden age. It was in the middle of such rapid growth that the Eldan found us. They sent the Mechari to contact our people, requesting that our Sword-Maiden, Tresayne Toria herself travel with them to the Nexus. If she agreed we would know a reward unlike any other. If not, we would be annihilated.”

Q-That must have been frightening. Suddenly seeing something so powerful land on your doorstep with such an ultimatum.

A-“We were in awe of these galactic gods, but we were /not/ afraid. Instead our Sword-Maiden left with her trusted few in compliance with the Mechari straight to the home world of the Eldan themselves.”

Q-And did she return?

A-“She was never seen again. To this day we do not know exactly what happened to her, but we do know that the Eldan were true to their word. In the wake of her disappearance we received our gift: Dominus the Half-blood. Half Eldan-half Cassian, he brought treasures of Eldan technology and rallied us beneath his banner to rule the greatest Empire the galaxy had ever seen.”

Q-And thus the Dominion was born?

A-“Indeed. One may call us arrogant, but it is well justified. Out of all races swarming amongst the stars /my/ people alone caught the eye of the Eldan. They saw value and potential in the Cassian race when it would have been nothing to wipe us from existence. It is through the union of our peoples that we received their blessings for conquest. A holy mandate from the most powerful to unite the galaxy under their rightful rulers.”

Q-Not all races appear to share this opinion, do they?

A-“They do not, though I find it difficult to comprehend that their vastly simpler minds still cannot grasp the severity of their defiance. This is not some selfish ambition of a self-proclaimed ruling authority. This is the Law of the Eldan, the embodiment of order and progression. And it is the terrible, wonderful burden of my people to carry.”

Q-And yet you have driven your own people away in the defection of Serrick Brightland, driven the Granok people to exile their own kind and drove the Aurin from their homes. This seems like acts of brutal revenge and retaliation, not the noble ideals you have spoken of, yes?

How /dare/ you insinuate the Dominion of such things!”

Sit down Agent! If you disagree, tell me why.

A-“The Dominion represents the will of the Eldan. We did not just march in and destroy without reason. We /must/ preserve the integrity of the Empire at all costs. We /cannot/ falter, we /cannot/ fail. These people have been offered a place within our folds. To serve the Empire is an honor. Together we persevere. Together we prosper. To spurn such an offer is to oppose the Eldan's mandate itself, don't you see? We do not have time for those uncertain to sit around, to whisper poison in their neighbors ears. If we did not make a show of the force behind our order then what strength do we have to support our convictions? Eliminating this opposition is a necessity for the survival of the Empire.”

Q-But at the cost of what? Their personal freedoms, their way of life?

A-“The Dominion is an Empire. Can you even comprehend the scale of this magnificent collective? Bigger then you, bigger then me. Bigger then all our our ancestors combined. Bigger then the planets we call home. Bigger even still then the system they reside in. Can't you see? Can you even possibly begin to comprehend the scale of running hundreds of thousands of millions of people? Civilians to manage, news to disperse, medical supplies to ship, troops to deploy and food to grow and share. Who will send these? Who will carry our goods, our people between untold planets? Who will train our doctors, our teachers, our soldiers our /children/?”

/We/ are the Empire and the Empire has incomprehensibly enormous goals. We have the freedom to choose to serve something bigger then our own selfish ambition. Can't you see? Alone we are nothing. Together we are indomitable! A force that will shake this galaxy and gather their wayward people into their fold, raising them to a pinnacle of prosperity in a golden age spanning throughout the ages.”

I guess when you look at it that way, it makes sense. Your loyalty and conviction are inspiring.

Yes well, if there is one thing my people do well it is to bear our Destiny with style.”

Of course Agent Hawkens. Thank you for your time and insight today.

It was my pleasure to educate our readers on the glory of the Dominion.”

Thank you once again for joining us, dear readers! I hope today's posts have been particularly enlightening. As always feel free to leave comments and suggestions to either myself or Agent Hawkens and we will reply as soon as able.

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