Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What is WildStar?

Today WildStar Wednesday provided us with a hilarious and spectacular video that is a must see for all fans and a great introduction into this IP for those destined to join our ranks. 

Today's post will be my reactions and comments to the video along with anything Agent Hawkens cares to add or redact. Enjoy!
 To begin with, we have a fairly stunning introduction complete with the epic announcer voiced by FredTatasciore. Gorgeous scenes...and then we really hit the kicker with the cupcake comment and the humorous “things are about to get BEEPING real”'s WildStar. Humor at its finest.

Blazing through we come across some of the sweetest ship designs I've seen in a long while. I mean, I all but licked my X-70B Phantom every time my Imperial agent boarded his ship. What with its sleek, sexy design. Okay I might have licked it once or twice...when no one was looking. But seriously, look at these ships in WildStar! As I was growing up, my father and my uncle loved to play this old star ship table top battle game called Silent Death. Through many years of spiriting off their models to go run around the house with, I really grew attached to the concept and design of these futuristic crafts. From their promise of freedom and potential to their ergonomic, exotic or sports car like design, I have always loved star ships. It might be a small deal for some but this is a HUGE deal for me. Seeing these ships makes me want to fly in one SO badly!
Space missions anyone?

Introduction of Factions:

Short, sweet and to the point. Good use of video splicing for portraying the races. Dominated, of course, by my favorite: The Dominion, a powerful interstellar empire that prides itself on kickin' ass.

We prefer the notion of 'impressive military conquests'

Short introduction of other hostile races and ...omg I serious love the hysterically laughing Draken at the end of this part. It reminds me of my insane Sith Inquisitor from SWToR: Kestral the Mad, who thought he was a colicoid. Hmm....perhaps I should recreate him as a Draken...

Action Combat:
Aww yeah, this looks like fun! Looks like we have a reference to a gun toting class (maybe the spellslinger but hopefully a hint at one of the unrevealed classes) Also...holy <redacted> did you see all those sweet moves the Stalkers were using!? Wait...seriously Hawkens?

We maintain an air of professionalism even if you cannot.

Yes well back to the Stalkers! Leaping around stabbing everything around! Reminds me a lot of my Imperial Agent on SWToR and that is a VERY huge compliment coming from me. I seriously loved my agent to death.

I hope not literally...

You're still standing here smarting off to me like usual, aren't you?


Oh! And the way that last stalker slides in his claws with that cocky smirk on his face? So badass. I was already going to play a Stalker...melee stealth AND tank, my two favorite roles to play. But this made me want to play one even more...if that's even possible. *wistful sigh * I uh, think I'll go take a cold shower now.
Aww yeah!

Wait what!? These things are HUGE! I mean, I know they told us they would be big, but I was really blown away by the size of these plots! At 2:08 it looks as though the opposing plot also holds some sort of machine, perhaps a vehicle? I would love to see mechs, hover speeders or even those sweet jet helicopters from earlier in the the video, be a part of PVP combat. Oh and I'm pretty sure that's a siege tank of some sort at 2:15. Also, was I the only one who wanted to shout 'headshot' after the epic BOOM! Announcement?
The ship (?) is on the left and the tank on the right

(Also seriously, is that a Mechari with the supposed Exile team shown at the beginning of this introduction? Just mean Carbine! Also is that a green male Granok or something else?)
A good, short example of the unique parts of these paths. We have the explorer opening a secret tunnel, the soldier attacking some impressive swath of enemies, the settler building a large post/town of some sort and the scientist flailing around some adorable and deadly critters. I think the thing that impressed me the most here was the tiny bit with the settler. Now I know they told us this path could do things such as build hubs or boost npcs, but I was always really skeptical. I mean what's to keep us from building a million hubs over ever inch of terrain then? I figured we'd just get some small, interesting but less impressive feats to perform for the settler. But from what I've seen so far, perhaps I'm incorrect and they are really letting us do what they said.
This looks promising
Also...that Granok woman. Hilarious.

Player Housing:
The words and images here seem to imply a large amount of customizing options for your personal house. I wonder if placement of objects is locked to fixed points or not, or if we have race or faction specific items. So far this looks really awesome, especially the part I heard awhile back for growing a garden off seeds you find in the wild.
Huh, I wonder what this character is with this strange symbol over their head...

Elder Game:
I do feel like they may have wanted to emphasize a bit about the concept that Elder game happens after level cap, but otherwise the promise of deep story looking into the great mystery of the Eldan was pretty awesome.
This looks pretty epic!

Dungeons, Raids, PVP Battlegrounds and Adventures:
A quick, but satisfyingly brief look at these important features that I look forwards to exploring and learning in the future. (Especially with the awesome raid ideas they mentioned not that long ago)

And you've got a rich, deep, unforgettable experience that's guaranteed to Blow Your Mind”
The series of quick videos and game images here is awesome. It really sets up the hype alongside the epic announcer. I got goosebumps here, all that barely contained excitement surging to the surface.

Oh and then they blow up the Nexus.

Because this is WildStar and even if we have this awesome, epic story, it's still a game.

And we are here TO. HAVE. FUN!!






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